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Town Deli Pizzeria
Welcome to Tottenville

About Towne Deli

Towne Deli was established in 1971 when John and Phyllis Catania, at the age of 21 years old, took over the General Store from an elderly man named Syd Weissman. It was a tiny store front that you could see the basement through the floor boards. This mom and pop establishment turned a new leaf one Sunday morning when Phyllis was cooking a pot of Sunday sauce and meatballs. A neighbor enjoyed this delicious aroma, John gave him a meatball sub. The customer later returned requesting two more meatball subs. From that day forward, John and Phyllis worked hard cooking for the surrounding neighborhood. They worked for many years with an unlisted number.

Towne Deli’s catering business started off for a local town family and spread by word and mouth. Still at this time this business was solely operated by John and Phyllis, where they raised their children while working hard.

“The Mess Sub” became our signature sandwich when John and two of his daily customers created what Towne Deli would become best known for. After this the business expanded by Phyllis making deliveries to other close neighborhoods.

Towne Deli’s Pizzeria was introduced when Charles Polizzotto, future son-in-law of John and Phyllis, took over the business in 1991. The name then changed to Towne Deli & Pizzeria. During the next two decades this business has continued to grow with times. Charles has made many new changes and improvements to the building and the business.

Charles has created a dining room filled with old “Tottenville” memorabilia that can be enjoyed while listening to the “oldies” on the radio and enjoying freshly prepared, always changing and improving delicacies. Towne Deli has expanded its delivering and catering business throughout Staten Island and beyond. Charles and his family always remember how much hard work and dedication has been put into Towne Deli, they also have an unending love for the town of Tottenville where it all began.


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